The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games

History The first Olympic Games was said to be in 776 BC. Olympia was where the ancient games occurred which is how this tradition got its name. The games were in close relation to religion and according to specialists, this strong belief in religion made the Olympics what it is today. The games encouraged good relations between countries.

The Olympic Games is a tradition that has taken place over thousands of years. It not only brings thousands of people together to watch the exciting games, it brings countries from all around the world together to compete for the crown.

These olympic athletes become stars. People look up to them and hope to one day be like them.

The games have become a ritual. People travel from all around the world to one place to find peace where they can be with their fellow brethren to support all the participants in the games. The crowd praises the atheltes. People dress in the color's of their national flag and have high hopes that their team will win.


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