The Old Testament

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The Old Testament

-Moses was bown when the Pharoah sent out the decree for all male newborns to be killed- The Parting of the Sea comes from Moses as well

The Ten Plaques 7th Important Event (1446 BC)

Abram (Abraham)- has two sons-Ishmael (born from Hagar a lowly servant)-Isaac (bron from Sarah, his wife)

Joseph- sold into slavery by his brothers-Brought to Egypt-Interpreted the Pharoah's dreams-Saved Egypt from famine-Annointedd Governor of Egypt-Brought his family into Egypt

The Ten Major Events In The Old Testament


2085 BC

2026 BC

1929 BC

1898 BC

1539 BC

1406 BC

1446 BC

The Creation, The fall, Cain and Abel, The flood, and the Tower of BabelGenesis 1-11Myths

Isaac- has two son-Esau, the eldest-Jacob, the youngest(both bron from Rebekah, Isaac's wife)

Jacob-takes Esau's blessing-runs away-serves 14 years-marries two sisters, Rachel and Leah-has 13 children- favors Rachel's children- Bejamin and Joseph- lives in the promised land

Moses- saved by his mother-adopted by the Pharoah's daughter-became a renegade after killing an Egyptian master-ran to the desert-God spoke to him with a burning bush- returns to Egypt- sets out the ten plaques- takes the isrealites out of Egypt - leads them to the promise land

The isrealites- close to the promised land-creates a golden calfcomplains about hunger- ungrateful

The Promised Land- The Isrealites reclaims their land- People were there before them- war comes- Judges sre belessed by Godswho would become temporary military leaders

10th imprtant eventSamson, a Nazarite1446 BC

By- Rebecca North


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