The Old Testament

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The Old Testament

After working seven years, Laban threw Jacob a wedding at night in the dark. In the morning he realized he had married Leah. At that time, the first child had to be married before the others. Jacob worked 7 more years to marry Rachael.

God created the Earth through a period of 7 days. He created man, the sky, the stars, the sun, land, vegetation, and all the creatures of the land.

The Old Testament

God warned Noah that their would be a great flood, so God commanded him to build an ark. God instructed Noah to have a few of each creature aboard and the rest would be wiped out. Once Noah did as God instructed the Earth was flooded which wiped out and killed the rest who existed.

Abraham only had one son after Sarah made Hagar and Ishmael leave because she was afraid of Ishmael getting Abraham's inheritance as the oldest child. Abraham was commanded by God to offer up his only son Isaac as a sacrifice. Even though he was heartbroken, Abraham followed God's command, took his son to the mountain, and prepared his son to be sacrificed. God spared Isaac and this was one of the biggest test that proved Abraham's loyalty to God.


Noah's Ark

The Tower of Babel

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Jacob works for Laban

Abraham and his Descendants

Abraham's Sacrifce

Laila Hayes

Jacob and his 12 sons

Jacob runs away after stealing his brother's blessing. He ends up in a land named Haran where he worked for a man named Laban. Laban has two daughters, Leah and Rachael. Laban asked what Jacob wanted to be paid for his work. Jacob replied he would work 7 years to marry Rachael.

Issac had two sons with his wife Rebekah, Esau and Jacob. Rebekah wanted her favorite son, Jacob, to receive Isaac's blessing even though the oldest, Esau shoud receive it. Jacob covered himself in goat fur to try to resemble Esau and served his father a meal prepared by Rebekah. Isaac gave Jacob the blessing thinking it was Esau and now Jacob is the head of their family and will receive Isaac's inheritance.

God promised Abraham descendants as numerous as the stars. Sarah, his wife was barren, so Sarah let Abraham have a child with a girl named Hagar. Hagar and Abraham son's name was Ishmael. Eventually, barren Sarah has a child in her old age named Isaac which means to laugh. Since Abraham followed God's commands he did have descendants as numerous as the stars because he is the founding Father of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The humans who were survived and flourished after the great flood was ruled by a man named Nimrod. Nimrod commanded that his people build a tower high enough to reach God because they wanted to be as powerful as him. God destroys the large tower and confuses their languages.

Jacob marries the first time

Moses saves his people

Moses was a Hebrew boy who was adopted by Pharoah's daughter. He killed an Egyptian and fled to Midian. Moses is commanded by God through a buring bush to save the Hebrews. He goes back, with the help of God and cast 10 plagues on Egypt. Pharoah finally lets the Hebrew free, but he regrets it and tries to take themback. Moses parted the Red Sea with the power of God to get to the promise land and then they closed it killing Phaoroah's army.

Jacob had 12 sons by four women; Leah, Zilpah, Bilhah, and Rachael. Jacob's favorite son was Joseph and his second favorite was Benjamin because they are the son of Rachael. Joseph's brothers are very jealous of him because his father gave him a special tunic. His brother's plan was to kill him, but Reuben refused to kill his brother. The brother's agreed to throw him down a well, so that is what they did and they took his tunic from him too. When Reuben came back to save him he was gone because Judah sold Joseph into slavery. To cover up their missing brother, the brothers dipped his tunic in goats blood and presented it to their father.

Isaac's Blessing


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