[2014] Nicolas Doumbe: The Ojibwe

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[2014] Nicolas Doumbe: The Ojibwe

By Nick Doumbe

The Ojibwe

The Ojibwe tribe made their way to America near Lake Superior in around the 1500 or 1600. That was a great value because the lake was filled with fish. There were many deer and a lot more animals to hunt. With the amount of bark the Ojibwe had, they built homes called wigwams.The Ojibwe had a great new home.


Political System

The Ojibwes Chief was Pee-Che-Kir. He maintained peace and kept the Ojibwe safe. The Ojibwe were put into groups called clans or the Ojibwe word dodaim. The clans each had a symbol that was an animal such as a frog or a bird. The clans kept peace in the Ojibwe areas.

The Ojibwe believed in a god named Kitche Manitou. They believed it created everything. The name means creator or great spirit. The Ojibwe respected nature and tried not to harm it that much. The Ojibwe also held ceremonies called powwows. They celebrated history by dancing and playing music.



Like many other tribes the Ojibwe had gender roles. Men were responsible for hunting. They tought boys how to hunt at a young age. They were also responsible for making canoes since they lived near a lake. The women ran the house. They made the families clothing and weaved. They also tought girls all this at a young age. They planted and cooked to. The men would get the food and the women would cook.

A Powwow

Cultural Practices

The Ojibwe celebrated many ceremonies. One, was when a boys first hunt a ceremonie occured. Another thing was a vision quest. A vison quest happened when a child turned twelve. A child would go far away from the village for about four days. The child would pray and fast for about four days.


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