The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

"The Test of the Great Bow"

"My Lords, hear me: suitors indeed, you recommended this house to feast and drink in, day and night, my husband being long gone, long out of mind. You found no justification for yourselves- none except your lust to marry me. "Stand up, then: We now declare a contest for that prize."The intelligent Penelope makes a test that only Odysseus could do: to string his bow and then shoot through 12 ax-helve sockets.

"Bring the bow and put it in my hands there at the door. Tell the women to lock their own door tight.... Throw the crossbar and lash it."Odysseus makes a very intelligent plan where the suitors cannot escape and the women won't see or get hurt in the fighting.

"The Odyssey" as told by Homer

"Would you be men enough to stand by Odysseus if he came back?... Would you bear arms for him, or for the suitors?... Drift back in, but separately at intervals after me."An intelligent Odysseus plans ahead to be assured of men to stand by him before he approaches his homeland.


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