The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

Author: Homer

Title: .The Odyssey

Main EventsCirce reappears and feeds the men. She also gives further direction to Odysseus. Odysseus and his men face many monsters on their journey home. At the end of the chapter Odysseus` men are killed.

SettingsBecause The Odyssey is an epic poem, it does not go in chronological order. Book 12 is a flashback.

CharactersOdysseus Odysseus MenThe SirensCirce SkyllaCharybdisHelios

Plot Summary

Problem, conflict, Summary


What you think about the Book?

Book 12 takes place in Odysseus’ flashback of his adventures returning home. He meets an immortal named Lady Kirke who sketches him sailing directions, and landmarks advising him to travel by and tips on how he might avoid dangers. Odysseus and his men sail past the island of the Seirenes where Lady Kirke had advised him to put beeswax in the ears of his sailors because these Sirens lure men with their song and kill them. He is then tied so that he may listen to the Sirens’ song. Odysseus then sailed between the monster Scylla with six heads and six necks and the whirlpool Charybdis. Lady kirke warns Odysseus that he should not put up a fight against Scylla because he will not win.But Odysseus does not listen and loses six of his best men. Continuing on his journey Odysseus and his men decide to rest on Thrinakia, land of Helios` cattle. Before leaving for their voyage lady Kirke also warns Odysseus that they should not eat any of the cattle, unless he wants to lose all his men. After becoming stuck on Helios` land the men decide to kill one of the animals. Helios` is enraged at what Odysseus and his men have done so he turns to the kings of all gods Zeus. He asks zeus to punish them which he does. Zeus strikes the boat with a bolt of lighting which kills all of the men expect Odysseus of course.Odysseus ends up on Ogygia Isle with Kalypso.

At the End of chapter 12 all of Odysseus` men were killed due to Zeus striking the boat with a bolt of lighting. Odysseus is still on his way to Ithaca

Odysseus Is going to have a difficult time getting to Ithaca without his men. I wonder how many gods are going to be helping Odysseus back home. Why didn`t Odysseus just tell his men why they should not eat the cattle? Why keep it a secret?


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