The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

Book 9"The Cyclops"

Odysseus admits his identity to the Phaecians and tells them of his travels to Ismarus, City of the Cicones where his crew reaked havic on the city and killed 6 men from each of his ships.

Zeus sends them to the land of the lotus-eaters. The lotus-esters give his crew fruit to make them stay but odysseus drags his crew members back to the ship.

Men sail through land of the cyclops. They are wlecomed by Polyphemus (son of zeus) who became hostile and locked Odysseus and his crew up.

One afternoon Odysseus and his crew intoxicate Polyphemus and he passes out. Then they take a sharpened wooden stake and drive it into Polyphemus eye blinding him permanently.

Odysseus and his crew escape with minimum loss and Polyphemus swears vengence on Odysseus


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