The Odds of Getting Even

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The Odds of Getting Even

A trial against suspected murderer Macon Johnson is being held in Tupelo Landing. Mo and Dale, the Desperado Dectectives, are the star witnesses, having put Macon behind bars themselves. Their detective-in-training Harm Crenshaw wasn't there to solve the Desperados' first case, but is here to help them solve their most challenging one. Dale is nervous because Macon is his daddy, but Mo wants to get even with Macon. She can't wait for Macon's condemnation, which she is confident will take place. But when things don't go as planned, life in Tupelo Landing starts spinning sideways. Before they know it, Macon's on the lam and Lavender, Dale's older brother, is in danger of Macon. He was already warned, watch your back, by Macon on the day of the trial, and there was a slit made on his tire when trying out his new racecar. . . The third Mo and Dale mystery is full of well, mystery, along with tons of surprises and lots of laughs.


There are two themes that I found for The Odds of Getting Even. The first theme I found in the text, on page 117. Mo is wondering what to do with Dale, who thinks that Macon didn't commit the crimes, and that Macon was framed. Mo is sure that Macon is guilty and that Dale only has his opinion because Macon's his daddy. Miss Lacy Thornton asks Mo, would you rather be right or kind? I think the answer to that question is the main theme of the book: sometimes it's better to be kind than to be right. This just means that you should let go on the need to always be right. Another theme in the book that ties in with the above theme is that you should always stick up for your family and friends, even if you know they're wrong. Everybody in Tupelo Landing thought Macon was guilty, but Dale had his own opinion, and throughout the book he continues to stick up for his father. Try to find the themes in the books you read, because they often give really good advice.



The book/series takes place in Tupelo Landing, North Carolina.

This is a book that I think anyone with a sense of humor and a good heart would enjoy. I would definitely recommend this book to those who like realistic fiction and/or mystery. Before you read this book, I would advise reading the first two books in the series, Three Times Lucky and The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, because this book spoils the events in those books. You should DEFINITELY read this book.



The main characters in the story are Mo LoBeau, Dale Johnson and Harm Crenshaw, the Desperado Detectives. They are all friends, but have very different backgrounds. Mo is the adopted child of the Colonel and Miss Lana. She was found floating down the river that runs through Tupelo Landing, thought to be sent by her Upstream Mother because of danger from a flood. Dale is Lavender's younger brother and Miss Rose's son. He is also the son of the defendant, Macon Johnson. Harm is Mr. Red's grandson and was abandoned in Tupelo Landing by his family, although they still write. He is the younger brother of the racecar driver, Flick Crenshaw. Some secondary characters are Joe Starr, Miss Retzyl, Sal, Capers Dylan, Macon, Flick Crenshaw, Lavender, Miss Rose, Miss Lana and the Colonel. A few other characters mentioned are Miss Lacy Thornton, Mr. Red, Skeeter, Thes, the Azalea Women, and Anna Celeste, a.k.a. Atilla.


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The Odds ofGetting EvenBy: Leigh Doyas


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