The Occasional Teacher

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The Occasional Teacher

Professional Knowledge

The OccasionalTeacher

Occasional Teachers continue to expand their professional learning opportunities for better teaching practices. It's important that we use current research and knowledge to inform our practice to provide meaningful experiences such as; differentiated instruction techniques; problem/project-based approach, cooperative learning. As OT's we much be comfortable using various instructional approaches.

As an OT, it is crucial to be current in our professional knowledge as we can be expected to teach any subject. It is important we reflect on our learning and experiences to enhance our professional development to ensure we are enforcing positive experiences in the classroom.

We recognize that all students are capable of learning and that they may do this differently. We strive to maintain a safe environment for students to be challenged and inspired. We understand children's growth and create experiences that encourage trust, safety, and responsibility.

As Occasional teachers we must be aware of who we are teaching and where. It is important to know your school and community. It is equally important for us to reach out to other teachers and personnel in the school. In order to further our knowledge, we participate in collaborative opportunities.

Professional Learning

Commitment to Students

Leadership in Communities


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