The Number of Coils Affecting the Power of an Electromagnet

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The Number of Coils Affecting the Power of an Electromagnet

Does the Number of Coils Affect the Power of an Electromagnet?



Step one on how to do my experiment: First you will want to gather all the necessary materials to do this project.Step two: Sand the tips of the copper wire off because the brown color is the coating, and it will not work if the tips are coated.Step three: Wrap the copper wire around the iron nail 5 times, but leave some space on both ends.Step four: Put the tips of the copper wire on the top and bottom of the battery (put one tip on the part that is sticking out, and the other just on the bottom).Step five: Hold the wire on the top and bottom and bring the nail to the staples, and see how many it picks up.Step six: Record the outcome on a graph and repeat until all of the wire but about 3-4 inches is left.



My third resource, my dad, tells me that if the formula of the electromagnet is incorrect, there will be a potential risk of a fire.My dad also said that in some places there will be resistance, just like on the highway traffic jam. The resistance is what slows down the current meaning the power is coming out very slowly

In my first resource, states that an electromagnet’s power will refer to how many times the coils will it be wrapped around the nail (iron). “The strength of an electromagnet can also be altered by varying the current or voltage.” This is an important part in order to complete the electromagnet itself, but you also need the RIGHT not a non-magnetic nail.

Materials Needed

The purpose of this project was to find out if the number of coils affected the power of an electromagnet. In the beginning, my hypothesis was, if I add more coils to my electromagnet, it would become stronger. In my studies, I found that my hypothesis was correct. The reason why, is that the power is being carried out from the battery to the nail by every coil providing more and more power given to the nail itself. Some of the problems I faced, were caused by keeping the wire on the battery for a while becoming very hot and can sometimes burn your hands. Next time I do this, I’ll be sure to get a towel or cloth to prevent being burned.

How does the number of coils affect the power of an electromagnet? My hypothesis is if I add more coils to my nail, the more staples it can pick up.

Question and Hypothesis


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