The North

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The North

The North

Industrialization on the Northern economy Industrialization in the North had an impact on urbanization and immigration. In 1860, 26% people lived in urban areas- in the North. Big cities like Chicago, Cincinati, Cleveland, and Detroit grew larger in population with their farm-machinery, food-processing, machine tools, and rail road factories. One-tenth of the people in the South lived in urban areas.

Textiles Textile were primarily made of wool and were hand spun. The invention of the spinning wheel and the loom produced cotton faster. This replaced wool in the textile feild and it reduced production time. Conditions for workers were bad. They would get low pay, working risked their health, it became a serious concern, and became appearent to the medical proffestion. The workers ages ranged from 13 through 30 and worked from 5am to 7pm. Total of 73 hours per week. In the mid-1800's, child labor was put to a stop, change working times to 8 hours, equal wages for women, and improved working conditions.

The Lowell System The Lowell system was named after Francis Cabot Lowell. He took over the textile factory system in the early 19th centery. Cabot relied mostly on young unmarried women laborers. In New England considerd the employment of women to be somewhat bad. In 1814, Francis opened a textile plant in Waltham, Massachusetts. The plan went beyond staters mill. For the first time, all the stages of cloth making were made under one roof. The mill launched the factory system, the system that brought manufacturing steps together in one place to increase efficiency. In 1840, many textile mills were operating in the North East.

Technical AdvancementsTechnical advancements impacted the economy by making things quicker and it spread to other countries quickly. For example, Eli Whitney. In 1793, he invented the cotton gin. It was used to get seeds out of cotton pots. This opened up a way for producing many different goods, and reduced the price of goods. The cotton gin was not expensive and it made things faster for farmers. They worked harder and made more products with the cotton gin. After this came the trasportation revolution. people made railroads and canals, people got around faster because traveling by river was less harder than other transportations. .

GeographyBecause of the natural reasources of the North, more people came to the North and they made more reasources and products

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The Beginning of Advanced Technology.

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