The North and South Before the Civil War

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The North and South Before the Civil War

The North and the South Before the Civil WarGretchen RackSocial Studies Pd. 5February 2015

Why was the telegraph important to communication?The telegraph was important because it sent messages fast and easier then mailing letters.

How did factories make producing goods more efficient?Factories made goods faster and easier to manufacture.

Why are steamboats, trains, and canals important to transportation?Steamboats, trains, and canals were important because goods and people were transported to places faster.

What were conditions like in factories?In the brutal factories, there was no air conditioning or heat, so it was cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

Why was there little industry in the South?There was little industry in the South because people invested their money in slaves and land.

Why did children work in factories?Children worked in factories because they had low salaries and they could get they could get the job done.

What kinds of railroads were in the South?The railroads in the South were short and local.

What kind of work did slaves perform on plantations?On plantations, slaves would pick cotton.

How did cotton gin revolutionize the South?Cotton gin made cotton easier to make.

What was the main goal of plantation owners?The main goal of plantation owners was to earn profit.


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