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Nok is believed to be the earliest known civilization of Africa. In 1928, terra cotta sculptures were found. Over 400 have been found to date. The culture lasted about 300 years.

The culture started in West Africa. It died out around 200 AD, but their art and culture lives on.

The Nok were known for their art, and especially their sculptures, which were often made of terra cotta or fired clay. The sculptures sizes could vary. The human sculptures are are very stylized, while animals were more naturalistic.

Artifact #2The Terracotta had very unique art and sculptures.

The Nok Culture

Artifact #1Many Terracotta sculptures were made to look half animal and half human.

Nok Territory

The territory of the Nok spanned more than 31,000 square miles

The Nok culture originated in a valley in West Africa between the Niger and the Benve Rivers about five or more centuries before Christ. They have produced the oldest sculptures ever found in Africa. Although the culture died out around 200 AD, they continue to influence other West African cultures and art traditions.

Excavation continues on the site of the Nok Culture

The civilization/culture of the Nok had a great impact on Africa. The sculptures left an artistic footprint in the area, and their advancement in iron works helped the continent advance technologically.



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