The Noble Gases

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The Noble Gases

The Noble Gases



Why are they all grouped together?

What are the elements in this group and what are they used for?

The elements in this group are helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon. Helium is used to supply weather ballons and airships with its low density. Neon is used for neon lights. Argon is used for arc welding, light bulbs, and between window panes because it is such a poor conduct or of heat. Radon is used in granite.

A. They are all grouped together because they're all nonmetals and gases. They also are not malleble or ductile. They are unreactive, brittle, and not shiny. They are also poor conductors of thermal energy and electric current. The noble gases are colorless, odorless gases at room temperature.B. They have a full set of valence electrons, which is 8 valence electrons for all of them except helium, which has 2 valence electrons.

The elements in this family are mostly beneficial to us. Argon is beneficial to us because when ordinary light bulbs are filled with this gas, they last longer. Helium is beneficial because its low density makes blimps and weather balloons float. Neon is also beneficial because you can use it to make "neon" lights.

A. They are named the noble gases.B. The noble gases are located in Group 18, which is the last column on the periodic table.

Are the elements beneficial to us, harmful to us, or a mixture of both?

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What group is your periodic family?


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