The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

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The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

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Digital Security is how you keep yourself safe in the digital world. It includes protecting your identity, your computer, and the things on your computer. Good Things to try:1. Use a surge protector on your computer. 2. Make sure that your computer has anti-virus software. 3. Never give your name or address to anyone on the internet!

The Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship

Digital Communication gives us the opportunity to connect with others for education, business, and fun. Emailing, texting, and using the internet are all digital communications that can help you learn!

Digital Etiquitte is how you behave in a digital public setting. Always be polite, to the point, and try hard to use good grammar and spelling. Pay attention to the rules on websites that you use, and follow them.

Digital Laws are important to follow. They especially help protect school work and other personal property from being stolen. They also apply to downloading games, videos, and music. Stealing is still a crime in the digital world!

Know your Digtal Footprint

Stopping Cyber-Bullying Begins with YOU!

Digital Rights & Responsibilities

Digital Literacy

Digital Commerce $

Digital Access

Digital Health & Wellness


Amanda Miller's Guide to Digital Citizenship


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