The Nile River Valley

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The Nile River Valley

Women could own property, and could give that property to whoever they wished. Women in Egypt enjoyed more rights and freedom then in other ancient societies.Peasants lived in rural villages and devoted themselves to agriculture. The social divisions went high ranking officials/kings, lower-level officials, priests, artisans, with peasants at the bottom

Egypt's strongest interests involved goods from the south.Egyptian forces invaded Nubia and took possession of the gold fields.Slavery provided little economic significance.

The Egyptian state centered on the king, who the Egyptians considered a god. Monarchs appointed and promoted officials on the basis of merit.The Egyptian capitals were primarily extensions of the palace and central administration. The government maintained monolopy over the economy and also controlled long distance trade.


The Nile River Valley

Nectanebo II was the last native king of Egypt. This figure of the king, dominated by the massive falcon wearing the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, is a continued expression of the protection of the king by the god Horus.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead, which was filled with rituals and spells to protect the journeying spirit, was placed in many tombs.

Ancient Egyptians built pyramids to honor, or sometimes entomb, pharaohs and other royalty

This is papyrus, which is what the Egyptians used to record information. Papyrus served scribes through the ancient world and was exported in large quantities

Protected by water and desert, this early civilization formed down the lush fields of the Nile river

Obsession with the afterlife drove the Egyptians to preserve the deceased organs and wrap the cadaver in linen


The endless cycle of flooding and irrigation prompted the developement of mathematics The Egyptians constructed the most accurate calendar in the worldMade the oldest known paved road in the world


Much of the Egyptian's wealth went into religious purposes in an effort to win the gods favors.Egyptians put a lot of importance on hygiene and appearanceThe cuisine staple was bread and beer




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