The Night She Disappeared

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The Night She Disappeared

Author: April Henry

Name: Emma Strohecker Block: 3/7


Kayla Gets Kidnapped

From a different story, I think Kayla would be perfect friends with Cheyenne from Girl Stolen because they both get kidnapped. They are also similar because they aren't even supposed to get kidnapped in the first place. I also think they would be good friends because they are both so brave and have faith that they will get home soon even though they could die before they see their family again.




Do you like the book?

Kayla vs. John Robertson (Her Kidnapper)

When Gabie and Drew (Kayla's coworkers) find her and have to fight off John Robertson. After the fight, John is killed and Kayla, Gabie, and Drew end up in the hospital. Aren't you glad that Gabie's parents are both doctors!:)

Yes, I loved the book! I would recommend this book to anybody who likes a good mystery that has a twisted ending. The age group I would recommend would be middle school because of some of the language they use. If you have ever read one of April Henry's books this is for you!

I like the Book!

The Night She Disappeared

Kayla's funeral(They Don't Know That She's Alive.)

Kayla Goes Home

A Search Crew Is Hired To Find Kayla.

Drew And Gabie Find Kayla at John's House.

Drew, Gabie, And Kayla Go To The Hospital.

Haiku:It is dark outside.I see my blood on a rock.My head hurts a lot.


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