The Nigeria Civil War

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The Nigeria Civil War

Truce Broken by OjukwuJan 4-5, General Ankrah held a meeting due to Ibo genocide, he vetoed power for all supreme military council until March 31stMay 30th, East became Republic of Biafra- an independent stateJuly 6th, Federal government attacked Biafra from land and sea

January 11th, 1970- General Ojukwu fled to the Ivory CoastJanuary 15th, 1970-Biafra Surrendered

The Nigerian Civil War,

a War of Liberation

Before 1966





almost 1 million dead, Biafrans still dream for independece after 40 years.

Biafra v. Nigerian MilitaryBiafra low on ammunition -insufficient weaponary -starvation -3k-5k dead/per day -1/3 of its sizeNigerian Military Practice of war:-pyschiological warfare: cut off food and ammunition supplies to Biafra-Air Raids-Surrounded Biafra; closed them in

Igbo feared political disintegrationJanuary -Eastern Igbo's led a military coup'd'eat 30 political leaders murdered inculong prime minister, Sir Abubkar Talewa--Johnson Ironsi, Ibo general, took power and centralized NigeriaEducation key to government + Ibo's had best education = Angry NorthenersJuly-Northerners took over, murdered Ironsi and put Lieutenant Colonel Yakubu Gowan September-anti-Ibo riots broke out, apx. 10,000 dead, Ibos in North moved back EastEast Nigeria wanted liberation from Nigerian Federation---political leaders feared everyone would follow---Gowan and Ojukwu (military leader of east) made a truce.

--British ruled for over a century & decided to leave --The British created barriers without any thought to Nigeria's preexisting ethnic and cultural differences

Causes Of War


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