The Newcomers

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The Newcomers

Before The Newcomers Before the newcomers came, life was very different for the aboriginals. The aboriginals had very different ways of living then the explorers from France. The aboriginals relied on nature but didn't destroy the land while the newcomers used it in a harmful way. Aboriginals beleived the land was their's to use but not to own. The aboriginals respected the water,land and animals. They were very kind and peacful towards everyone. They shifted from place to place because if they permantly stayed then it would harm the land. Their ways of living was far from different then the newcomers.

Jacques CartierIn 1534, Francois I, the king of France, sent Jacques Cartier on his first voyage to find a route to the orient or find precious gems and metals to make France rich. Within 3 weeks he arrived to Canada and he tried to claim rights for the land. Although Cheif Donnacona protested against it with his sons. After a few months Cartier brought Donnacona and his sons back to France to show the king. By this time Donnacona and Cartier were on good terms. Donnacona and his sons learnt french and served as interpeters. Cartier continued his exploration against Donnacona's wish. Catier went as far as Stadacona(Quebec City) and even went much farther. Donnacona tried to prevent Cartier from going to Hochelaga(Montreal). He even told fake stories about riches so Cartier wouldn't go but Cartier didn't back down. Donnacona didn't let his sons acommpany Cartier so his trip wouldn't be as sucessful. CArtier did find some tresures though he found some rocks that he thought were diamonds although they were quartz. When he went back to France they found out there were no riches so he never sailed for France ever again.

Jacques Cartier's Ship

Samuel de Champlain's Battle

The Newcomers

Samuel de ChamplainSamuel de Champlain was also a explorer like Jaques Cartier. Although Champlain has accomplished much more then Cartier has in all his voyages. Samuel settled in Stadacona(Quebec City) and that was the first permanant settlement for the Europeans. He made a military alliance with the Huron people. In 1609 they had joined a battle with the Huron people against the Iroquois. He got his rifles ready and shot two cheifs. The Iroquois never experienced anything like that so they fled the battle giving Champlain victory. In the 20 years that Champlain was in Canada, he worked really hard to build a colony for France. By the time of his death, he built a successful colony and was known as "Father of New France".

SoldiersA few settlers in Canada were actually soldiers that stayed after their work was done. In 1665 the Carigan-Salieres arrived to prevent an attack from Five Nations Iroquois. There were many soldiers and officers that were present in the regiment. The Regiment made 3 forts.After a few fights with the Iroquois New France signed a peace treaty with them. The regiment left although 400 soldiers stayed. The king offered the soldiers to stay with the colony to help increase the population and also offered rewards. This helped build a big community.

The Soldiers from 1668

Saint-Marie Among the HuronsIn 1634, the Jesuits wanted help from the Huron people. They wanted to make an agricultural and missionary center. Although they were afraid that the Iroquois would atttack because the Iroquois were enemies of the Huron people.. They decided it needed alot of protection. In 1639 they started building, it had high walls,strong gates and wask made of wood.In 1648 thay had about 65 priests,assistant,servants and soldiers. They had named it Saint-Marie Among the Hurons. The Iroquois did attack as planned and five Jesuits were klled.The Jesuits decided to leave Saint-Marie and build a new center on Christian Isand. Alhtough there was ashortage of food and resources needed.In the winter the Iroquois developed a plan to walk across the water and attack again. The Iroquois destroyed the center and this time the Jesuits decided it would be har to make another center.

Ursuline NunsIn 1619 there was a 20 year old widow named Marie Martin who had a child. Her husband was a silk merchant althugh hs business wasn't going so well . Marie Martin decided she wanted to join the Convent of St. Ursula and become a nun. After a few years he believed she was supposed to convert the first nations to Christianity. She soon created the Ursuline Mission. She made many school for girls because before the Ursulines there were only schools fr boys. In 1672 she passed away although the the Ursuline Mission was a legend.

Beaver fur was used for hats

The Fur TradersThe fur trader were a really important part of history. The First Nations were very fond of fur trading to earn supplies. The coureurs des bois hunted alot and sold beaver fur altough it was llegal to sell only a company was authorized. The courers de bos had to be careful in order o trade for good to the frist nations. In 1663 King Louis allowed anybody to trade the fur and suppliements.Many courers de bois arrived in that time lthough the govener was not too happy. He wanted the fur trade to be in his benfit. Many courers de bois left nd thaths when they realised it was effecting the community.France needed alot of pelt although thecourers de bois was bringin in more then needed so the king forbid the courer de bois from coming and took away their reedom.

The Jesuits PreistsThe Society of Jesus is a Christian male religious order of the Roman Catholic Church.The Jesuit preists wanted to spread the Roman-Catholic religion to all the first nations people and make boy schools. Those were the 2 main goals of the Jesuits Preiss.

Seigneurs and SeigneuriesSeigneurs were people who were honoured by the king and rewarded a Seigneurie. Some were soldiers or supporters of the king in France. Now onto what a Seigneurie is. A seignurie is a big peice of land that is usually 10 by 5 km. The Seigneur could keep a big peice of land although the rest is for the habitants.

A Seigneurie( large peice of land)

The HabitantsHabitant families are really hard working. They have alot of duties to fulfil such as cutting and clearing the Seigneurie. The also had to grow crops,raise animals, give some of their earning to the Seigneur,planting,harvesting, pay taxes and more. It was a really tiring life. Whole year round their wrk continued. Each family member worked.

The Filles du RoiNew France was very developed although they didnt have enough single women. Most people in New France were men but they knew to increase the population they needed women so they decided to import single oment from France. Many of the women that got imported were orphans also kown as the filles du roi. The king covered the expenses for the young women. Most filles du roi already married aon their arrival. Most couples married in the roman-catholic church. The colony soon expanded easily. Without the filles du roi New france wouldnthave succeeded as much as they did.

Saint-Marie Among the Huron

The Filles du Roi's arrival


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