The New York Colony

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The New York Colony

Come to New York of the Middle Colonies

Come to the colony of New York which was originally a Dutch colony called New Amsterdam founded by Peter Minuit and settled along the Hudon River in 1624. The Dutch surrendered to the English who took control of the area in 1664 and renamed the colony New York after James the Duke of York in England.

The geography of New York Colony is made by mountains in the northeast, lowlands near the Canadian border and an Atlantic coastal plain. The climate is mild with warm summers and average winters. Never way too hot and never way too cold in the spring which is great for growing tabacco. Your chrildren will love to play around outside. New York is also good for hunting in some areas.

Some natural resources of the New York Colony were coal, furs, timber, and iron ore.

You will really like being governed by, the Charter of Liberties . The Charter gives free rights to all Dutch and English settlers. Here in the New York Colony we also have religious freedom. You can be a Quaker, Lutheran, Anglican, or Catholic. Our colony is run by a governor appointed by the king of England. He makes all the laws, and there is little self-government.The first leader of our colony was Richard Nicolls. He was governor from 1664-1668. After him, it was Francis Lovelace from 1668-1673.

Many colonists grow their own food here like wheat, corn, peas, pumpkins and potatoes. These are all very heathly and delicious foods. Houses are usually very small and made of nice, clean, freash wood. So our daily life is mostly farming and church on Sundays.

All sorts of people live here and have come from many countries like: The Netherlands England, Ireland, Scotland and BrusselsSome Native american tribes that also live here are the Erie, Iroquois, Mahican, Mohegan, Montauk, and Oneida. And over 1/4 of our population are slaves.

New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut were the colonies that bordered New York. Vermont was part of New York until 1791.

Different ways people make a great living here is that some grow crops like wheat or tobacco to sell. Other people trade furs. So you should come to the New York Colony to sell tabaco, wheat, or furs, and get rich.

It's said that about 5,000-10,000 people live in this colony from 1660-1670.

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