the new englands region by nemara

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the new englands region by nemara

New England colonies

Colinies in the Region New Hampshire Massachusets Connecticut Rhode Island.

The Native Americans in that region the micmac the wampanoag and the pequote.

The weather in this region is warm weather not to cold not to hot so it is a round the 60 degrees fairenheight.

Inportant Leaders are Roger Williams Anne Hutchinsons Thomas Hookers.

In The New England Colonies we have tons of Timber, Whaleing and plenty of Ship buildings and it is a great place for for fishing since the New England Colonies is close to the Costal waters and plenty of fur.

In this Region it has freedom of religon so you can go to places that have different religons. Example you can go to different churches.

First Parish Church in Plymouth Massachussets.

children are educated either in public or private schools, and sometime taught at home too.

JobsSome of the job opportunities are whaling, ship building and hunting. People don’t farm much here for a living.

ClothingThe women wear layers of undergarments under their big dresses. The men in the New England Colonies wear decorative suits and hats. The children wear smaller versions of what the adults wear.

Flag of Massachusetts.


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