The New Deal

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The New Deal

In 1937 Roosevelt decided to prevent the Supreme Court from blocking his policies in the future by increasing the number of justices from nine to fifteen. This would allow him to appoint six new justices, all of whom would be loyal to him. This was a mistake. Even Roosevelt’s supporters felt that it was going too far and the attempt failed. However, after 1936 the Supreme Court did not block any of the President’s plans. Roosevelt had other opponents. Republicans complained about deficit spending. This meant that he was spending more money than he had coming in from taxes - borrowing made up the difference. The Republicans claimed that the New Deal was spending money the country did not have. They said the New Deal was only dealing with unemployment by turning millions of people into government employees. Republicans also complained that the New Deal extended federal government power Long story short the surpreme court didnt like the New Deal.

Huey Long was a powerful Louisiana governor and U.S. senator. A successful lawyer, he rose through the ranks of the Louisiana government to take over the state’s top post in 1928. was poised to run for president in the 1936 election against Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had risen to national prominence with his “Share Our Wealth” program, which swept the nation as the Great Depression worsened. Meanwhile, FDR adopted some of Huey’s ideas in order to “steal Long’s thunder,” while simultaneously moving to discredit him.

The New Deal

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The image of a worn, weather-beaten woman, a look of desperation on her face, two children leaning on her shoulders, ; has become a photographic icon of the Great Depression in America. The photo was taken in March 1936 at a camp for seasonal agricultural workers 175 miles north of Los Angeles by Dorothea Lange.The image showed Americans a look of depression and desperatenessthat they don't what to feel.

Eleanor Roosevelt traveled to all the places her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt, couldn't go. She went to visit people, learn of conditions, and report back to him. She went into coalmines, onto assembly lines, and visited troops. She worked to gain a greater voice for women and for African-Americans. She worked to get African-American workers treated fairly by New Deal programs. She also worked to get more women included. When the Works Progress Administration caught heat in the South for paying African-American employees at the same rate as white employees, that was due in part to Eleanor's intervention.


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