The Netherlands

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The Netherlands

Author: Zach Olsem

Title: The freest country in the world.

Digging deeper into culture: Subcultures: In the Netherlands there are a few subcultures. Prostitutes are a small part of the subculture because it is legal and not many people wish to do that for a job. The gay and lesbian are also a subculture because they are different from the majority but still do what they want. Culture landscape: The river and roads that go through the middle of Amsterdam are so amazing. It's such a crazy site that I would encourage anyone to go see. Cultural diffusion: in the Netherlands there is food from all different countries. Cultural change: The bike was invented in The Netherlands and has changed the culture because people can bike around town instead of walk.

BasicsLocation: The Netherlands is located in Western Europe. Weather: In the Netherlands the summers are mildly warm tempetures. The winters are very calm and a few inches of snow at a time. The humidity is usually very high through out the whole year. Climate type: In the Netherlands the climate consists of very warm weather with lots of rain and humidity. Very nice for growing crops Physical characteristics:The Netherlands has their own set of islands called the Netherland islands or Caribbean islands.

How to fit in:Language: The main languages spoken in the Netherlands are Dutch and English. Folkways: The mothers in the Netherlands usually stay home for work. 1-2 children is what the majority of the country has and is what most people choose. Taboos: In the Netherlands it is rude and impolite to ask about another persons income. It is also very immature to chew gum while talking to another person. Values: the values of people of the Netherlands are: being clean, neat, educated, and hard working. This is how they succeed in life so well.

The Netherlands

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