The Netherlands

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands

ClimateTemperate maritime climateCool summers and moderate wintersAverage TemperaturesWinter: low 31- high 48Spring: low 38-high 68Summer: low 49- high 71Fall: low 33- high 58Average level of precipitation per year~778 mm per yearDistributed throughout yearDryer period: April to September

-Dependent on trade-Main industries in Holland: food processing, chemicals, gas and oil -Most important sectors: retail, property, transport, communications and the financial services-Labor statistics: 2% agriculture, 18% industry, and 80% services

The GDP (per capita) is $41,400.

Literacy rate- 99%

History- Significant Events1920- KLM launches the world’s first scheduled air service1928- Amsterdam hosts the Olympic games1940- 4 days after the aerial bombing of Rotterdam, Germany invades and conquers the Netherlands1942-1945- Anne Frank and her family hide in Amsterdam. Anne dies at age 15 when the refuge is betrayed.1949- the Netherlands joins NATO and the Dutch East Indies receives its independence as Indonesia1980- Queen Julianna retires and is succeeded by her daughter Beatrix2002- Euro replaces the Dutch guilder

GovernmentType- constitutional monarchyKing and MinistersCabinet- Ministers and State SecretariesStable government-Ranked 15th in the world in economic freedom-Life in Netherlands highly organized and planned-Inclusive of different views and attitudes-Politics based on negotiation and consensus instead of conflict-Tolerant attitudes of people-Liberal laws for governingCurrent IssueImmigration-Require a residence permit-Obtained under certain conditions-IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) assesses applications for permits


-70% of the world’s bacon comes from here-Religions: Roman Catholic 31%, Protestant 21%, Muslim 4.4%-86% of the population speak English as a second language-Popular snack: french fries with mayonnaise. -Official color: Orange


-Close to 1,000 museums -Bicycle capital of the world -Has spawned many world-class painters-The Dutch are the world's biggest coffee drinkers with an average of 3.2 cups a day-The Dutch are the tallest in the world


  • AlexNickPoland 7 years ago

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    1. I found that there are close to 1,000 museums very interesting.
    2. That they are part Roman Catholic too.
    3. The majority of things are different.
    4. Mainly about the culture of the people.

  • reeseitaly 7 years ago

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    Failey and Julia, i really like how colorful your glog is! I loved how you put interesting facts like "70% of the worlds bacon comes from the Netherlands." Immigration is an issue in Italy as well. I am really curious to learn more now!