The Netherlands

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Social Studies

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The Netherlands

Located at the heart of the city of Amsterdam, Dam Square is a heaven for shopaholics

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam, near Dam Square, was built in the 17th century



Arts and Literature:Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands. The Vincent Van Gogh Musuem in the Netherlands is one of the top twenty-five most visited musuems in the world.

The Anne Frank House is devoted to Anne Frank, where she and her family were driven into hiding by the Nazis during WWII.

Religion: Over 30% of the Netherlands is Protestant. A large portion of the Dutch are athiest.

The Rembrandt House Museum houses more than 250 authentic artworks as well as some paintings, done by the students of Rembrandts and his contemporaries.

Carnival is in Febuary following Lent. Bussinesses close, there are parades, and lots of merrymaking.

Food:The Nettherlands, especially Holland, are very famous for their delicious cheese.

The Keukenhof Gardens has millions of flowers in bloom. It is a popular tourist destination.

The Netherlands

1 euro= 1.3065 US dollars

Climate: temperate, marine, cool summers, mild winters

Govvernment: The Netherlands is a monarchy. The current ruler is Beatrix of the Netherlands.

"Gogh" Experience History!



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