The Nervous System

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Human Anatomy

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The Nervous System

The Nervous system sends messages to your brain, then sends them back in time for you to move something or get away from something.

The Nervous System

Body Parts

Why are nerves important?

How does this system work?

Your body sends messages to brain by moving through the spinal cord. From there the brain sends you a message back through the spinal cord and into the nerves. If your spinal cord was damaged you wouldn't be able to feel anything!

How does your body send messages to you brain?

The Nervous System and The Digestive system work together. The Nervous System tell the Digestive System to make you feel hungry. Then you will want to eat some food.

In the Nervous System there are three main body parts. The spinal cord, the brain, and the nerves. They can send you a telegram through your nerves to your spinal cord leading up to your brain. Then, the brain will send back a telegram telling you to do something or stop whatever your are doing and get away.


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