The Nervous system

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The Nervous system

The nevous system alows us to feel if something is hard or soft etc!!!!!

PARTS THAT ARE INVOLVEDYour brain, skin, nerves, teeth all the parts of your body are involed in the spectacular nervous system THREATS TO THE NERVOUS SYSTEMSystem shut-down and some deases affect the nervous system and they ether stop you moving, make it harder to move and make your mucles wear away

WHAT THE SYSTEM DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Nervous system starts at the brain, it sends a signal to the part of the body to the part it wants to move via the nervous system.Like a train say you want your finger to twitch the signal (the train) leaves the brain (the station) and goes down the nervous system (the track) to the finger (another station). INTERESTING FACT 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The nervous system is made up of billions of nerve cells, called neurons( you say it like this new-r-on). INTERESTING FACT 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The brain is the most inportant part of the nervous system.

INTERESTING FACT 7!!!!! The nervous system is spilt up in to two parts the Central Nervous System and the Outer Nervous System. The Central Nervous system also known as the CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord.The Central Nervous System's job is to make and send the messages thoughout the body.The Outer Nervous System also known as ONS consists of well nerves everything in the body exept the parts of the Central Nervous System(CNS) the brain and spinal cord INTERSETING FACT 8!!!!! The nervous system controls everything we do from digesting the food we eat and well........ going to the toilet after we digest that food to imagning, soving problems and remembering things.

INTERESTING FACT 3!!!!!!!!!!! The spinal cord is a finger-wide communication link, it relays the signals from the brain all around the body. INTERESTING FACT 4!!!!!!!!! The neuron consists of a central portion of the cell body and extensions called dendrites and axons. INTERESTING FACT 5!!!!!!!!!! There are 12 differnent diseases that affect the nervous system. INTERESTING FACT 6!!!!!!! The nervous system is the most wide spread and important system in the body.


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