The Neolithic Era

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The Neolithic Era

The Great Adventure

We will make all of or decisons based on a democracy SInce there are three of us, we should not have any problems with making deciousions

A Trip to the Neolithic Era

Reasoning:1. The matches will be used to ligh fires for heat or purifying water. 2. The pot, well it will be used as a pot to boil water in. 3. The digger will be useed to begin farming once we arrive there. 4. THe sattelite image map will come in handy when deciding where to hide the bus as well as set up a camp. 5.6. The pencil and paper are going to be our luxure items, used for recording out observations. Becaseu there is not much written history about this time period.

Mariah and I will arive there using this:

Once the group arrives in this time period on the school bus, we will use the sattelite image map to find a well covered area and hide the bus using the cover of trees, as well us cover it in mud. We will then aproach the natives in a subtle way and present them with a "peace offering". The mini garden digger will be used as our offering because it will be useful to them in farming since they haven't been introduced to iron yet. We will tell them we came from the sky and they will hopefully be more succeptable to acceping us because of their religious views. Then we will set up base with them and teach them about farming. Mariah will use the pencil and paper to write down everything she sees for historical use. Shea will comminicate with the natives and ask them about the way they run things. Dr. Skaggs will be in charge of collecting the food and water we need. Shea will teach the natives new things about health and hygiene .

1. A box of matches.2. A pot for boiling water.3. One mini garden digger/ raker. 4. One sattelite image map56. Pencil and Paper

The Must Haves


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