The negative effects of drugsm alcohol and tobacco

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The negative effects of drugsm alcohol and tobacco

“Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self esteem.” -Kurt Cobain. No one in a safe state of mind would act the same way when they are stoned as when they are sober. Drugs can make you hallusinate, they can give you happines for maybe an hour or two but when the effects end the only thing that you will be able to feel is a extreme depression. Drugs are in charge of destroying every single neuron in your brain the faster they get to your brain the more intense the effects are. Of taking over your life, they destroy your liver your brain, your heart, and they can make a big change in your appearence.



Drugs Alcohol &Tobacco

You may think that this powerful substance will not harm you. That you are invensible and mature. That is a huge fat lie. The only thing that Tobacco does is ruin your life. It makes you a victim of lung cancer. Tobacco will make you loose the ability to taste, smell, and it might make your teeth look rotten and yellowish. That tiny cigarrate that you consume every day contains over 4000 poisonous and addictive substances.

Every single person that start drinking alchol in parties maybe once a week, ends up doing it in a daily basis. Some of the alchol addicts most frequent lies: I am not addicted to it, I was drunk so I forgot, I am not wasted, I am consious, I can handdle it ,and It was just one cup. With all the propaganda you may think alchol consumers look important and older but they don´t. Alchol affects your body, your brain and your personality. One of the main organ that is affected is the liver, it can lead to alcholic hepatitis. It affects your brain because it kills the neurons that are in charge of movment and memory. The after effects are not either. The "Hangover" is the worst, your head hurts like crazy, you are not able to walk nor to eat. All the fun that you had the night before is replaced for a tremendous headache,



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