The Nazis

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Nazis

Adolf Hiltler was born in Austria on the 20th of April 1889 in the Braunau Am Inn. His parents were Klara and Alois Hitler.He became a German politician and leader of the Nazi Party.The biggest thing that made Adolf evil was that he was a racist. He wanted a pure master race, the nordic race. Jews and others he didn't like were murdered. People that tried to disagree with him were put into prison or killed. The leaders of the church were also put into prison. About 11 million people were murdered by the Nazis. He was responsible for The Holocaust where he deliberately killed to eliminate all Jews. About 6 million Jews were killed.Hitler died on 30th of April 1945. He killed himself by poison because the British and Americans were coming to kill him.

The Nazi Party

1919-German workers party formed1920 - Changed their name to National Socialist German Workers Party, Nazi party for short.1921- Hitler became leader of the Nazi party.1933-The Nazi party became the largest and only party and Hitler became Chancellor of Germany.1939-Britain & France declared war on Germany1940- Denmark, Norway,Netherlands,Belgium, Luxembourg and France invaded and occupied.1945 -Hitler committed suicide.Germany surrendered ending the war.

The Nazi party was established in 1920 in Germany. They went to war with Australia, Brittan, Russia, Spain, Poland, France, Denmark, Norway, Netherland and Italy.The countries they went to war in were Spain, Poland, Germany, Russia, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Brittan and France.The type of guns that the Nazis used wereHandguns & Pistols : Walther P38, Luger P08, Full Automatic pistols: Walther PPPPK Rifles: Mauser Karabiner 98Machine guns: Maschinengewehr (MG34)Maschinengewehr A34

Flag and Symbol

The Nazi flag is red with a white circle in the middle, the swasika is just inside the circle.The Nazi symbol is an eagle holding the swasika that can be shaped in different ways.

The last Battle

The last Battle was the Battle of Berlin in 1945. The Russians unleashed 20 armies, 6300 tanks and 8500 aircraft with an objective to crush German forces and capture Berlin.

The Nazis

Biography- Adolf Hitler


Elie Wiesel-Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize & Holocaust Survivor. Speaking at the museum opening.