The Nazi Party

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The Nazi Party

By: Meranda Valadez05-06-15

Adolf Hitler Was born in 1889 in Austria. His father was a customs official. He disliked his father but woreshipped his mother. His father died when he was fourteen, his mother when he was eighteen. There was a little evidence from Hitler's early life that he possessed outstanding talent or ability. At school he was a faliure. When his mother died he went to live in Vienna and tried to earn a living as an artist. He was very poor and he lived in hostels. At one stage he worked as a builder's labourer, but lost his job when a jewish trade-union official discovered he was not a member of the union. During his time in Vienna he picked up many of the political ideas which later shaped the polocies of the Nazi Party. in particular he developed his violent hatred of Jews (ANTI-SEMITISM).

When Adolf Hitler joined the German Workers' Party in 1919 it had hardly any members very little money and no real political programme. All its members knew was that they disliked the Weimar Republic and wanted to make Germany great again, as it had been before the war. Over the next fourteen years under Hitler's leadership the nazis moved from being an obscure minority party to being the most powerful partyin Germany. In this section you will be investigating how Hitler and the Nazis achived this transformation.

How Was Adolf Hitler To Became Chancellor In 1919?

1919 The Nazi Party

How did Hitler become leader of the Nazis?

1. Why do you think Adolf Hitler had such hatred against Jews?because they wern't like him and if they wern't like him he thought they were bad people.2. Do you think the Jews should have fought back aginst Hitler and His Army?yes but they were probably scraed because Hitler had alot of power against them.


Other Events1919-January: Spartacist Uprising.1920-March: Kapp Putsch1923-January: Occupation fo the Ruhr The Great Inflation.August:Stresemann becomes Chancellor .1924-April: The Dawes Plan is announced.1925-Hindenburg is elected President The Locarno Treaties.

1919-November: Hitler joins the German Workers' party.1920-Hitler becomes leader of the party renamed the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party)1921-Hitler founds the SA 'Saturm-Abteilung' or Stormtroopers) to intimidate opposition parties.1923-Novemeber: Hitler tries to seize power-the Munich or Beer Hall Putsch.1924-February: Hitler's trial and imprisonment for leading the Munich Putsch. In prison he writes Mein Kampf which puts across his views. .1929-October: The Wall Street Crash. Depression follows in Germany.1930-September: Nazis do well in elections. They win 107 seats.1932-July: Nazis become the biggest single party in the reichstag with 230 seats1933-January:Hitler becomes Chancellor.

Hitler And The Nazis


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