The Nazi Camps

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World War II

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The Nazi Camps

The Nazi Camps


There were many types of camps, which included camps just for the execution of jews or camps for diverse religions, like Catholics and Gypsies, where they were tourtured. These camps included gas chambers which for the nazi's were an effective way to kill off a mass of jews. The camps were split into different types of camps. They were grouped into "forced labor camps, work-reformatory camps, POW camps, Transit camps, police camps, and women and ghetto camps."

The first 6 camps, including Dauchu, Auschwitz, Chelmno, Lublin and Treblinka were constructed and began use in 1941. These concentration camps were a place where Jews, Catholics, gypsies and more were deported to were they were abused and murdered. Nazi soldiers used for mass murder were called "Einsatzgruppen." The first camp, Dauchu, held a variety of different religions, such as Jews, Catholics and Gypsies. It contained "32 barracks," with the maximum holding space for 6,000. But, the number of prisoners went well over that number. The camp was wrapped in electric barbed wire. It was headed by Hilmar Vackerle.

The first Camps

Though jews were the main target of The holocaust, other religions, such as Catholics, or gypsies were killed. It is estimated that over 6,000,000 innocent lives were taken in the concentration camps, where they were tourtered, abused and starved. Disease and plague ravished the camps, killing of their inhabitants.

6,000,ooo people were killed in these extermination camps, just because of their religion. The Nazi's used gas chambers for mass murder of the jews. The first extermination camp was Chelmno but the worst was Auschwitz, located in Poland. It had "high-tech gassing facilities" and crematorias, where the bodies were burned.

S.S. officers were in charge of running the camp and were absolutely horrible to the jews. When prisoners would arrive at the camps, all of their possesions are taken away. They would be clothed with striped pajama's that would be changed every 6 weeks. the Naxzi's burned a number on the prisoners as well as a colored triangle in in order to be able to identify them. Families would be seperated and each room would have a worthless leader, called a kapo, which abused the prisoners.

Types of Camps



People in the camps

Gas Chambers

How were the camps run?




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