The Narrator Canterbury Tales

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The Narrator Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales

The Story about ...

The Narrator likes to endulge himself in his literary works. He also likes Greek Mythology and Astrology, given that he incorperates it in his works.The Narrator dislikes the squire, because he talks about his hair and clothes saying he is prudish and pretensious.

Character Taste

Chaucer was a writer in a time when French was widely used. Chaucer was one of the first writers to make english a respectable language. They weren't sure the exact year and location he was born. He was born wealthy and he served as an attendant in King Edward III's house. Chaucer's story The Canterbury Tales was an unfinished work.

The Narrator (Geoffrey Chaucer)

Direct: "Each single word, if he remembers it, However rudely spoken or unfit, Or else the tale he tells will be untrue (lines 753-755)" "After we had alighted at the inn, Then i'll report our journey, stage by stage, All the remainder of our pilgrimage (page 22)" Indirect:"Each one of you shall help to make things slip, By telling two stories on the outward trip," (lines 811-813)"Further I beg you forgive it me, If I neglect the order and degree (page 23)"


-It is ironic how the Narrator appologizes to the readers for making the story a satire. -The Narrator uses both alliteration and assonance in lines 750-752, when he talks about a man telling another's story.-"The word should be as cousin to the deed(762)"The word should coincide to the deed, they mean the same thing or are related. This is a simile.

Literary Devices


The teacher was narrating The Canterbury Tales.

Chaucer sat and people watched to write his story.

She is the voice recording for canterbury tales.

Chaucer tells the people's stories as if he were a lawyer.


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