[2015] JuanAMMS: The Mystery Hotel

by yourteach
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Language Arts

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[2015] JuanAMMS: The Mystery Hotel

The Mystery Hotel

Problem and solutionBy:Yratzi Leija


Once it was a dark and rainy night a young woman was at a hotel she heard something suspisous she wantedto go outside and see what was going on but......

Cause and Effect by:christopher cegledi

later that day....In the afternoon she went out to buy some shoes,then she saw a mysterious shadow in the window.

Compare and contrastBy:Jacob Garza

SequenceBy:Juan Adame

The girl called the police and asked to find evidence and clues about the mysterious man....soon the police found a cclue about what he was wearing.The man was wearing a black coat to be in the shadow.

Once the police find the person who broke into the hotel and once the police check the place out the police will talk to the girl and tell her what's going on.



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