The Musicans of the 1920s

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The Musicans of the 1920s

The Musians of the 1920

When Bix was young he played well but he drank illegal drinks. When he was young he was very good at reading notes. His parents though that music was usless so they put him in a milltary camp but Bix got kicked out of the camp for skipping classes. Then he became a musican.

When Carl was young he heard about jass. As he got older he was not just satisfied lising to jass, Carl wanted to play jass! He took trumpet lessons then started to play (coolist insterment ever) trombone!

Willy Smith was an American jazz piano player in the 1920's. He played piano on the first jazz record recorded. He also wroted songs for Broadway.

Jack Teagarden was an american jazz trombone player. He also was a singer, band leader, and composer. He was often mentioned as one of the best jazz singers and sang duets with Louis Armstrong and Johnny Mercer.

Eddie Lang was an American Jazz guitarist. He was the first musician to have the guitar be considered a solo instrument. He was wanted by many other musicians for recording sessions.

Carl Warmington

Bix Beiderbecke



Willy Smith ''THE LION''

Jack Teagarden"Big T"

Eddie Lang

WillY Smith"The Lion"


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