The Muscular and Skeletal Systems

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Human Anatomy

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The Muscular and Skeletal Systems

Over all description -Bones support and protect the body-Rigid and inflexible-Their are two types of skeletans the exoskeletan and the endoskeletan.-Muscles are made of a tough alastic tissue-They make the body parts move-Always come in pairs.

Major Organs-Cardiac muscle: prevents the muscle fibers from tearing-Smooth muscle: controlled by nervous system can't be controlled contiously sometimes called involluntary-Skeletal muscle: contains blood vessels that bring oxygen and nutrience

Fun facts-Lead in bones may lead to aggresion.-With out the muscular system we wouldn't be able to cummunicate.-The body consists of 206 bones when it is an adult but when it is young it has 300 to 350 bones-The nervous system controls the muscles

Diseases and Treetments-Muscular bystrophy causes weakness in your muscles, you can take antibiotics because they will attack the bacteria.

How to Keep Healthy-Drink lots of calcium-Smoking is bad for your bones so don't smoke!

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This is a picture of the skeletal system and of all the bones in your body!

this is a picture of your muscular system!

This is a picture of your muscles and the different parts of them!

The Muscular and Skeletal System


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