the murder on the orient express

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the murder on the orient express

Original Murder

Rachett was found dead in his compartment. Rachett was drugged the night of his murder. He was killed in the middle of the night after being stabbed twelve times in the chest. There where many clues left for Poirot to discover at the crime scene. One example was that the window was left open in his compartment and a pipe cleaner had been left behind, in addition to an embroidered hankerchief with an "H".

Poirot interveiws all the possible suspects more than once. He then considerers every strand of evidence carefully and tries to link it with the correct senario. Poirot is suspicious of the many clues he comes to encounter. He feels that a man and/or a woman are working together to plant deceptive evidence. Poirot discovers many pieces of misleading evidence and later figures out the grand scheme. "When I had heard all the evidence, I leaned back and shut my eyes and began to think." (Christe 253)

Mr. Poirot solved the case finding out that all twelve were guilty of the murder of Mr. Rachett. After he found out the conclusion all Poirot could say was "Having placed my solution before you, I have the honour to retire from the case . . . ." (Christe 265)

Mr. Poirot discoved all that were culpable in the murder of Rachett.

Justice must be served and punished according to law. Agatha Christie reveals that even though revenge is ultimately achieved through Rachett's death, killing one person despite the fact that he killed another is not an acceptable form of punishment. The original murder is not a justification for Poirot to allow the murderers to use the technique "an eye for an eye."

Final Murder

The Investigation

The Convicts


The Murder on the Orient ExpressBy: Agatha Christie Created by: Luc Patberg, David Spear and Amber Legget

Cassetti was the kidnapper and murderer of Daisy Armstrong with money as his motive. He fled to Europe to escape his punishment in the U.S. where he changed his name to Samuel Edward Ratchett. He started his adventure on the Orient express for its three day journey across Europe.


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