The Munich Putsch

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World War II

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The Munich Putsch

8th November 1923

Frusterated by Germanys defeate in WW1, left the nation economically and politically depressed. Hitler returned to the Munich, infiltrated a small group called the German Workers Party wich had a nationalistic and anti-semitic ideology. Hitler became one of the early leaders and changed its name to the Nazi Party. He was named leader in 1921. Germany lost respect for the leadership of the Weimar Republic. The Treaty of Versailles had triggered a runaway inflation that wiped out peoples savings. Janurary 1923, French & Belgian forces occupied the Ruhr, an act that contributed to a sense of national humiliation.

The attempt to over throw the German government in the form of a revolution failed. Hitler lost up to 16 of his members.The uprising was a complete embarassment, and the nazis had no clue of what was to happen.

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The Munich Putsch


Adolf Hitler - Leader of Nazi partyErich Ludendorff - Right wing WW1 generalOtto Von Lossow - Bavarian/ German Army officerGustav Von Kahr - German right wing politician Gustav Stresemann - German Poiltician Friedrich Ebert - German politician of the SPD


8th November 1923 Bavarian Beer Hall meeting Hitler & Storm troopers, bust in on the meeting. Thousands of SA seize other members of Bavarian Govt. Lossow & Kahr promise loyalty to hitler. Lossow and Kahr leave the beer hall. Berlin Ebert declares state of emergency. Lossow & Kahr denounce alliance to Nazi. Hitler and Ludendorff march on munich. Met by armed police. 14 nazis were killed. Hitler ran, hid out, was caught within two days an put into jail.



OutcomesLed to a split between Hitler & Ludendorff, Hitler was considered a coward for running. The nazi party worked to manipulate the political system rather than another putsch. Nazis gained national attention in Germany.Deaths of 16 party members were victory for the nazis. 1933 10 yrs after the putsch, Hitler became chancellor of Germany


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