The Munich Putsch

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The Munich Putsch


- Hitler (leader of the Nazi Party)- Kahr (Bavarian leader)- Lassow (Commander of the Reichswehr Bavaria)

- While in prison Hitler wrote his book which eventually lead to him gaining popularity- Hitler realised he would need the help of the army and public to gain power- Hitler learnt that he would need to run in elections to destroy the system from within


8-9 November 1923



TheMunich Putsch

Government in crisis due to the French occupying the Ruhr.Many disagreed with the passive resistance in the RuhrRight wing elements want to overthrow the left wing government

Successes- Hitler never would have gained power without The Munich Putsch- Hitler realised he couldn't come to power by revolution- Allowed Hitler time to set up various parts of his government

In the short term The Munich Putsch was a failure but in the long term it lead to Hitler gaing support from the public

8th November 1923 - Lossow and Kahr address a meeting of 2000 right-wing supportersHitler bursts into meeting and declares a national revolutionThe stormtroopers seize other members of the Bavarian government9th November 1923 - Ebert declares national state of emergencyLossow and Kahr pull out of putsch2000 armed Nazis march to a military base11th November 1923 - Hitler is arrested along with other major leaders and Seeckt bans the Nazi Party


Failures- The Nazi Party was banned- Hitler went to prison- Four police officers got killed- Fourteen Nazis got killed


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