The Mollusca

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The Mollusca

General characteristics- They have the body divided in three parts: head, foot and mantle.-Usually they are aquatics, but some of then are terrestial (they live in humid earth).-Most of them have shell.

Bivalved molluscs.(mussels, clams...)-They have two strongs shells.-They have a foot to immure it selfs.- All of them ara aquatics and they are filterings.

Gastropodsmolluscs(snails, slugs...)-They have the foot to move and creeping.-Some of then have an external shell.-They are carnival.-Usually they are terrestial

Cephalopod molluscs(Octopus,squids...)-They are old aquatic-Their foot are tentacles.-They are the most neurologically advanced invertebrates.-They are all depredators.- Most of all have internal shell.



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