The Mughal Empire

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The Mughal Empire

Akbar was Babur's grandson.He contributwes a lot and had a huge impact on the Mughal Empire.Mughal#MongolHe was a leader of unusual abilities and a chief builder of the Mughal Empire. He couldn't read or write but consulted leaders of Ismal. Hinduism, and Christianity. Akbar married a Hindu princess.


1526- Turkish&Mongol armies again poured through mountain passes into into India. Name1526-1857- The Mughal Dynasty ruled 1556-1605- Akbar's reign, created a strong central govt.1658- Aurangzeb seized the throne without legal right.Late 1600s- Aurangzeb rejected Akbar's tolerant policies.

He won the support of Hindu subjects through policy of toleration and opened a government jobs to Hindus and created a central government. He also ended the taxes on Muslims since he was a non-muslims and married a Hindu princess. He also promoted harmony through tolerance and strenghtened his empire by improving the govt. and used paid officials instead of hereditary officeholders. He also modernized the army, encouraged international trade, standaridzed weights measures, and introduced land reforms.

Lasting Impact

Akbar the great is remembered today as a great emperor. Most of the Hindus loved him, because of the great efforts he made to India.


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Mughal India



Akbar the Great

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