The Mountain School

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The Mountain School

Author: Greg Alder

Title: The Mountain School

SettingKingdom of Lesotho, Southern Africa

CharactersGreg Alder, Pricipal Tsita, Sepheche, Santu, Malimpho Ramosoeu

Book Report

Problem, conflict

I have not gotten very far into the book yet but so far I am enjoying it. The Mountian School has showed me that the peace corps is much different then I originally thought, it still sounds like it would be a great real-world experience.

What you think about the Book?

So far in my book there are a few small problems and/or conflicts. One of the main ones is the fact that Greg sticks out. He doesn't speak the lanuage as fast or fluently as others, drpped in the middle of nowhere, and completely unprepaired to teach 3 different English classes to students that can hardly understand him.


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