The Motel Pool

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Language Arts

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The Motel Pool

The Motel Pool



"roll and plop, plop and roll;"These words bring to mind the image of a raindrop, plopping into a puddle of water, sending out ripples and waves into a pool to be felt by allPhoto from:

"slide and tumble, oiled, in the slippery sunsilent as otters, turning over and in,"Photo from:

The otter is a quiet, yet playful creature who seems to be slippery and oily, with the sun having a slippery quality on its fur

"and it greens the green grass, greens the hanging leaf"The water and the sun make grass and leaves green, showing summer and lifePhoto from my own collection

"Not beautiful, but suddenly limned with light"Light highlights and bring out the best, even if it's not beautifulLight reflects off of water and people, creating highlights and brightness


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