The Most Venomous Fish In The World

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The Most Venomous Fish In The World

The World's Most Venomous Fish!

-Can live 24 hours outside of water-Most stonefish related injuries are caused by people accidentaly stepping on them-Swallows prey in less that .015 secondsStonefish lay as many as a million egggs at a timeThe venomIs considered a delicacy in some Asian countries

-Camoflague -Venomous Glands (Secrets fatal toxins when threatened)

5 main species and 20 different subspecies of stonefish inhabit coastal waters of the Indo-Pacific region. As well as coral reefs and shallow bodies of water in Australia.

If you are stung!!DO NOT BANDAGEImmurse in waterSeek immediate medical attention


Methods of Defense

The Venom

-Located at the bases of each spine-Created by a mixture of protiens -Contains Nuerotoxins -Is PRESSURE SENSITIVE-Causes- Severe pain (1), heart failure (2), paralysis (3) and DEATH (4). -Can kill a human in 2 hours

Predators: Bottom feeding sharks ' raysPrey: Smaller fish and shrimps

-13 needle-like dorsal spines -Resembles a gray/brown stone- Average weight:5 pounds-Average length: 30-50cm-Always ambushes its prey


Interesting Facts


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