The Most Influential Punk Bands Of All Time

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The Most Influential Punk Bands Of All Time







The Most Influential Punk Bands Of All Time





The Misfits

The Decendents formed in the Claifornia punk scene in 1978, to this day they still slightly tour and play shows. Thier 1982 album "Milo Goes to Collage" is considerd one of the best punk albums of all time.

NOFX formed in Los Angeles California in 1983. Unlike most punk bands, they have never been sighned to a major lable. NOFX has released twelve studio albums, fifteen extended plays, and even a few seven-inch singles. Together the group has sold over 6 million recors worlwide, leaving them as one of the most succsessful independent bands in music history.

The Clash formed in London England in 1976. Thier first album "The Clash" just might be the best selling imported album in American music history! The Clashes third album "London Calling" is no doubt waht made them the punk legends they are to this day.

The Misfits formed in New Jersey in 1997. Along with bands like The Sex Pistols and Ramones, they have one of the most iconic music logos. The Misfits were very unique becuse they somehow comebined a punk sound with gothic horror movies of the time period. The Misfits strongly influeced bands like My Chemical Romance and AFI.

The Sex Pistols formed in London England in 1975. Just three yesrs after after coming together they went on an all American tour. The Sex Pistols are responsible for initating the punk movement in the U.K.

The Ramones formed New York City in 1974. One of the first punk bands and probably the most influential one on this list. Some of thier most famous albums are "Rocket From Russia", Road to Ruin", "Too Tough To Die". Often known as the first band to completly define the punk rock sound.

The Stooges

The Stooges formed in 1967 in Michigan. Fronyman Iggy Pop is very well known for strasnge and odd antics on stage. These acts drew attention to The Stooges and helped them gain popularity. Iggy Pop is even is created with invinting the stage dive! They influenced famous bands like Nirvana.

MC5 formed in Michigan in 1964. They were known for hating politics and were deeply involed in the counterculture movement of the time period. They provided many songs for punk bands to come.

The Sex Pistols

The Clash



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