The Most Famous Places in Poland

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The Most Famous Places in Poland

St. Mary's Church, Kraków

Cracow is the most beautiful city in Poland. It is also called the cityof monuments, since monuments in this place date back to the World War IIfor example:Cloth Hall in Cracow

The Castle in Malbork lies on the right bank of Nogat. In the years 1457-1772 it was the seat of Polish kings. It is fortified and surrounded by a brick facade

House of Nicolaus Copernicus is the most visited place in Toruń. It is likely the home birth of the famous astronomer

The Most Famous Places in Poland

The presbytery of the Church of St. Jacob

Malbork Castle

House of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń

Basilica in Lagiewniki near Cracow


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