[2015] Sandra Orosco-Centeno (Mirabelli): The Most Dangerous Game

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[2015] Sandra Orosco-Centeno (Mirabelli): The Most Dangerous Game

The Most Dangerous Game - Richard Connell-

Problem/Conflict:1)Whitney Vs Rainsford-animals have feelings?2)Rainsford Vs General Zaroff-zaroff wants to hunt rainsford3)Man Vs Nature-the sea when rainsford falls into the sea

My Opinion:This book is fascinating because it discusses the hunt and splits it into 2, hunting and hunted.At the end the main character rainsford realizes that hunting animals is like hunting yourself and that all species have feelings.

Ending/Resoulution:*rainsford wins zaroff on the bet they had made rainsford ends up jumping into the sea making general zaroff believe rainsford had died and wouldnt have a chance on living but rainsford tricked zaroff and when zaroff arrived at his mansion on the island rainsford had been waiting for him to finish the game once and for all

Characters:-Rainsford-Whitney-General Zaroff-Ivan

Setting:~Shiptrap Island~~caribbean Tropical~~yacht~

By .....Sandra Orosco

Three Major Events:1)Rainsford was trapped in the island2)General zaroff wanted to hunt rainsford for fun3)when rainsford suprises general zaroff in his mansion



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