[2015] Angelina Trinh: The Monkey's Paw

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[2015] Angelina Trinh: The Monkey's Paw

The Monkey's Paw

The story is told in third person point of view. The author uses word such as ¨he¨ and ¨his¨ in the story, ¨The visitor absentmindedly put his empty glass to his lips and then set it down again. His host filled it for him.¨ It is in third person point of view to show all of the characters' perspectives and give more information to the readers.

The White family was visited by Sergeant-Major Morris one night. He told them tales of his travels and war stories. Sergeant-Major Morris then talks about a mysterious monkey paw that can grant three wishes to three separate people. Mr.White was convinced of its abilities and became the third and final owner. He used his first wish for 200 pounds. Mr. and Mrs.White find out the following day that their son, Herbert, was injured at work and died. A man came to house and paid 200 pounds as compensation. They were horrified to find out and Mrs.White became depressed after the funeral. Mrs.White then remembers the monkey paw and urges Mr.White to make his second wish, asking for his son to be alive again. They hear knocking at their door after that. Mr.White scrambles to the monkey paw while Mrs.White runs to the door and tries to open it. He hurriedly used his third wish before Mrs.White could manage to open it. The knocking disappears and we can conclude that Mr.White wished his son away.

The mood of this story is very spooky and suspenseful. It was scary throughout the story when they mention dark and mysterious surroundings. An example is when,¨the knocking ceased suddenly, although the echoes of it were still in the house.¨ It was also suspenseful because we were left wondering whether the son was back or not.

The theme of the story is be careful what you wish for. If you ask for something, you might end up having negative or different outcomes than you would expect. You should think carefully before you make a wish because you will regret it later on.



Point of View

There are three main characters in this story. The first character is Herbert White, the only child of Mr. and Mrs. White. He works at a company called Maws and Meggins. He jokes around a lot, like when he said, ¨Well, don't break into the money before I come back.¨ He is jokingly telling them not to use the money without him and also uses sarcasm in other parts of story, too. The second character of the story is Mr. White. He is a very curious and gullible old man. He proves this when he says, ¨If you don't want it, give it to me.¨ This shows that he believes that the monkey paw actually works. Mr. White often fantasizes about traveling to exotic countries. The third character is Mrs. White. She is very loving and likes to listen to the stories that the sergeant tell along with her husband and son. A part of the story when they are rapt is, ¨His three listeners leaned forward eagerly.¨ She later gets depressed because of her son.




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