The Monk

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The Monk

The monk is a manly man and many things he probably shouldn't be as a monk. He loves to hunt,is overfed and wears expensive clothes. He admits to not living the life he is expected to and claims he is a modern man. Physically the Monk isn't much to look at he is fat, bald and greasy with eyes that roll in his head.

The Monk

Chaucer uses personification " He let go by the things of yesterday and took the modern worlds more spacious way." in line 179-180 to describe the monks lifestyle.Chaucer uses the metaphor " Fish out of water" in line 184 to describe The monk comparitivley to other monks and members of the clergy.

Likes & Dislikes

Literary Devices

What is a monk?

The Monk was fat. He is described as"A fat personable priest."

The Monk liked money. The narrator states "I saw his sleeves were garnished at the hand with fine grey fur, the finest in the land."

The Monk probably didn't like church the narrator states "The rule of good St. Benet and St. Maur as old as strict he tended to ignore."

The Monk liked to hunt as the text shows in line 169-170. "A Monk there was, one of the finest sportwho rode the country; hunting was his sport."


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