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The Moment

The Moment

Margaret Atwood

1 “The Moment” by Margaret Atwood The moment when, after many yearsof hard work and a long voyage you stand in the centre of your room,5 house, half-acre, square mile, island, country,knowing at last how you got there,and say, I own this,is the same moment when the trees unloosetheir soft arms from around you,10 the birds take back their language,the cliffs fissure and collapse,the air moves back from you like a waveand you can't breathe.No, they whisper. You own nothing.15 You were a visitor, time after timeclimbing the hill, planting the flag, proclaiming.We never belonged to you.You never found us.It was always the other way round.

Glog Created By:Alyssa Costa & Sophie Henderson

Tomasz Alen Kopera. Human nature and the mysteries of the Universe are his inspiration. Each painting motivates thought, challenging our initial response. Sometimes darkness will prevail, at other times, light. This piece shows human nature and really relates to the poem, for it shows how human belong to nature, not the other way around.

About the AuthorMargaret Eleanor Atwood was born in Ottawa, Canada, on November 18, 1939. Ms.Atwood is an award winning canadian poet, who is known for the poem, "the Moment." Her first published work was a collection of poems entitled The Circle Game in 1966, which won the Governor-General's Award. A quote from Margaret herself, "War is what happens when language fails." She means this with her passion. What she was trying to get across is without the ability to communicate through stories and literature, the world would be distructive and chaotic. Her poems have been inspired by myths and fairy tales, the myths and fairy tales have been interests of hers sense she was very young. With that said, The Moment was inspired by a mythical magical like mind.

Atwood refers to all the hard work you overcome in everything we live for. It is clearly writen in the poem that the struggles in life are not easy. The roads whether they are right or wrong can be difficult. The peom is ended with a metephore of death. This shows that everything you lived for is now gone, now its all up to you. Another perspective could be the thought of nature. The main theme shown is natures ownership. This is so because of what was mentioned about the beauty in nature and how it is owned by humans. This is soon changed when nature rejects human owning nature. Infact towards the end, human belong to nature. It is true, we all return to nature when we become a part of the ground after we die.

Tree of life, coiled serpentine branches' fruit partaken, delicious, delectable, Eve decided her soul's death; her hands span centuries in embittered,embroiled battles between good, evil. Embroidered threads knit togetherin multi-colored hues of rainbow offersmother nature a place of meditation,contemplation, prayer to realign herselfone with the universe

Nature's Eve

Title - “The Moment”Paraphrase - In the first stanza, the speaker says that when years of hard work and struggle finally end, a person realizes that everything they have worked for has paid off. However, the speaker is saying that a person does not own what he has worked for, nature does. In the second stanza, the speaker is saying that nature will over power man every time and so man should respect nature. In the third stanza, the speaker says that nature gives man so much so man should value nature. Speaker - The speaker in the poem is unknown. However, the speaker values nature and believes that nature overpowers man. The speaker believes that nature owns man not the other way around. Figurative language - Figurative language includes imagery, personification, and simile. An example of imagery in the poem includes, “ No they whisper…” because it describes the sense of hearing. Another example of imagery in the poem includes, “ Planting the flag…” because it describes the sense of sight. Another example of a imagery includes, " You stand in the center of the room, house, half acre, square mile, island, country..." An example of personification includes, " The trees unloose their soft arms from around you.." An example of a simile in the poem includes, “ The air moves back from you like a wave…” because it compared two things using like or as.Attitude - Serious, objective, and authoritative Shifts - There is a shift in tone from the second stanza to the first stanza. There is also a shift in her concerns with the well-being of nature in the poem. Her concern for nature increases as the poem continuing. Title - The title represents something more than just realizing that all of a persons hard work has paid off. It means that the moment a man realizes that they “own” a house or piece of land they forget that nature owns everything and man “owns” nothing. Theme - The theme of "The moment" is that hard work and struggle in human life is important to being a well rounded person. Another theme is to be kind to nature because it has given human life so much.

"Gravity" by John MayerInstrumental The music relates to the poem because the music is calm and soothing similar to nature. The poem is about nature and nature is soothing. Therefore, the poem and the music are connected.

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